FLAT – Fiera Libro Arte Torino
Placemaking Allestimento
Agency: Fionda
With: Roberto Clemente, Chiara Costa, Noemi Romano, Gioele Prette

FLAT is an international art book fair created by Chiara Caroppo, Beatrice Merz and Mario Petriccione which takes place in Torino, Italy, during the hectic city art week in November.

The first 2017 edition was set at Palazzo della Cisterna, an historical venue owned by the city where the one rule for the intervention was not to alter the building walls. The strategy for the wayfinding was therefore informed and guided by this brief, leading to the making of a set of self-standing informative and decorative structures and the usage of red lights as the connective element for the user experience of the event through day and night.

The 2018 edition saw the event moving to a new, very different location: the Centrale of the Nuvola Lavazza, a former electric plant renovated by Cino Zucchi Architetti to be the event venue of the new Lavazza Headquarters. The elected approach this second time was to preserve and adapt the existing production material to the new needs while still design and deliver an original and welcoming environment.