Web Design
Hosting Artist, Client: Sonja Hornung
Curatorial Advisor: Rachel O’Reilly
Main Partners: Helle Panke, Australia Council for the Arts, Atelier Australische Botshaft, Project Space Festival Berlin, Archive Books, Berlin Art Link 
Coding: Rasso Hilber
Visit: www.ex-embassy.com

“The on-site exhibition and text series EX-EMBASSY unpacks a persistent archive of cultural and diplomatic legacies arising from, alongside and beyond the ‘productive relations’ between the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the ‘fifth continent’. Following geographer Doreen Massey’s definition of space as ‘the simultaneity of stories thus far’, EX-EMBASSY addresses the former Australian embassy to the GDR as a site shaped by, and containing, trajectories that move far beyond its physical frame, including multiple trajectories criss-crossing both Cold War and nascent neoliberal ideological tensions. The commissioned artworks and texts attend to negotiations and contestations of incommensurable regimes of land and property, territory and diplomacy, drawing out the role of the aesthetic within re-alignments of political imagination.“

Excerpt from www.ex-embassy.com