Atlas Bormida
Web Design
Client: Fondazione Matrice
Curator: Laura Cantarella
Artists: Andrea Botto, Alessandro Sciaraffa
Filmmaking: Alberto Momo, Laura Cantarella
Main Partners: Compagnia di Sanpaolo, Fondazione CRT
Coding: Giovanni Bieller

“The Bormida Valley includes an extensive territory that stretches from the Ligurian Apennines in the hinterland of Savona up to southern Piedmont. These are the places that have given rise to Atlas Bormida: a collection of stories, a choral work of revelation, a space where visions and documents, sound experiences and stories strike sparks off one another.
Necessarily partial and subjective just like any work of fiction, Atlas Bormida does not focus on the best known places, the most popular images, and the official histories. It is consistent with the land where it was born: a complex, polycentric, and contradictory valley. Those who wander through these places and discover other stories will continue this opus.“

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